MADAME PUMP ADORES - Fabulous, functional, frivolities…..

…is the teamwork of two sisters possessing a highly refined sense of style and business savvy, who brought those two components together and pooled their talents to meld form with function. Inspired by long time careers as designer, business executive and luxury goods retailer, with a passion for perfection and an eye for elegance, they turned those years of experience and talent into the realization that the utilitarian does not always equate to the mundane. Logo of Girl

Madame Pump Adores are an American original.  Individually handcrafted in the USA from design inception to completion, they are characterized by fine detail and meticulous finishing resulting in an unparalleled product.  Madame Pump Adores is a modern luxury brand synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication. Each piece is executed with scrupulous attention to detail and flawless hand-finishing.  Madame Pump Adores has redefined the shoe tree into a fashion accessories category with a product that is surely on the cutting edge of high fashion and sure to be on every "Chic" woman's must have list!  

Each one of our collections possess a unique one-of-a-kind individuality, designed with the discriminating customer in mind.   Our customers are those who enjoy a distinctive panache and "know how" when it comes to chic style. Those who admire unique and sophisticated accessories will most certainly appreciate the Madame Pump Adores brand for what it will lend to their favorite pumps, & cherished fine footwear.

Bring back a bit of life to those "tired well-worn favorites" by utilizing Madame Pump Adores you will not only extend the life of your cherished footwear by helping to retain shape, appearance and design, but your shoes will fit better, look better and maintain their original elegance and beauty. A sexy modern approach essential to the care of your fine  footwear. Madame Pump Adores will safeguard your fine footwear investment beautifully while adding the final touch of elegance to your collection of fine shoes! 

Because Madame Pump Adores are meticulously made to order, please allow two weeks for delivery on all custom orders. For more information on Madame PumpAdores please contact us directly at: info@pumpadores.com